Plastic 💐 Don't Smell so Good

I am sitting on the most comfortable sofa with the best view of a Full HD 60" TV, watching a live concert.

And the sound coming from my Music system is amazing too.

And the cinematography of the concert is great too, covering every angle, every perspective, giving a close-up too.



Live Plastic Concert at Home

And I am sipping my favorite evening drink, honey 🍯 lemon 🍋 and eating grapes 🍇 while watching.

And it's free, it's convenient, it's time-saving.

But then why do people go to great lengths to enjoy a live concert?

They endure a lot of discomfort, spend a lot of money, stand in queues, wait in the parking area, and numerous other factors.

Why? What is missing?

That rush of adrenaline and goosebumps is not there.

That scent of a real flower is not there.

In short, that 'feel of real' is not there.


Don't pretend. Don't live like a copy.
Be real, be authentic, be genuine.

People admire what's real, what's genuine.

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