Who Should get the Credit for a Melodious Song?

You hear a melodious song, let's say Safarnama from the Tamasha movie, the song I am listening to right now.

You say Oh the reason why this song is so melodious is because of the voice of Lucky Ali, it's so magical and spellbinding.

But a playback singer can not sing the song as he wishes to, he has to listen to the 🎶 Composer and sing accordingly. So, the credit for that song must go to A.R. Rahman, right?

But a 🎶 composer is instructed by the 🎥 Director about how he wishes the music to sound like. So, the credit for that melodious song must go to Imtiaz Ali, right?

But most 🎥 directors listen to the audience's demand, what they want to listen to, right? (Not Imtiaz Ali, I am sure).

QOTD (Question of the Day)

So, who should get the credit behind a melodious song?

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