Luxurious Homes but Destitute Souls

People are building luxurious homes. These days you can have every facility in your mansion - from a swimming pool to a gym to a movie theatre and what not!

There's nothing wrong with that but what's unsettling and alarming is that they are building their lavish homes at the expense of relationships and companionships.

Human beings are social animals after all. We inherently want that connection, that bond with other sentient beings.

But with the emergence of flats and villas and apartments, though there might be 1000 people living in a society, a person won't even know who their neighbor is.

They think that their luxurious homes can fill the void inside, their loneliness. How foolish!


Make your mind rich with pure thoughts. Make your inside lavish with good feelings.

Make friends with yourself, and practice self-compassion.

Ok! Enough of the TED talk for today :-D

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