(100) A Century of Posts!

This is my 100th post on this platform. I am more inclined toward celebrating the number of posts I have written than the number of followers I have, for the simple reason that the former is in my control.

I started writing online on this platform not knowing for how long I will continue. I just followed my curiosity and thought of experimenting with writing online.

I wrote different kinds of posts: Long-form, Short-form, and Poems. For a while I ran it as a photo blog; uploading pictures of sunsets and mountains. Sometimes, I posted some of my favorite quotes I have written in Hindi and English. In short, I kept experimenting.

People say in order to run a successful blog one should stick to a niche. But I couldn't agree less. In my opinion, you can be successful only when you enjoy writing. Writing should never feel like a chore.

And it's your style that differentiates you from the rest. It doesn't matter then if you are writing on a particular topic or about a genre.

I enjoy writing about different things like philosophy, psychology, spirituality, mental and emotional well-being, etc; basically anything that helps us know ourselves better.

I am interested in knowing my real self (if there is such a thing). And that requires undying curiosity to understand and know something new, something different every day.

So, whenever I learn something interesting, feel something heartwarming, understand a life lesson, or observe something life-altering, I feel like sharing it with you. It gives me a feeling of purpose and contentment.

Thank you for bearing with me and reading my posts. Let's keep creating and contributing as it will help us know ourselves better!

As a small token of appreciation, I would like to share with you this timelapse I captured of the effect of sunset on clouds. Enjoy!


Clouds Timelapse.mp4

Clouds changing clothes- A Timelapse

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