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The Futile Act of Comparison and How to Get Over it


Comparing your life with someone else's is not only futile but harmful as well.

You cannot even compare one flower with another. Humans are much more complex.

Yet I feel that comparison is deeply ingrained in us. We can't help but fall into the trap.

It is going on in the back of our heads every time we see someone with a better house, car, or job.

We often fail to realize that everyone's journey is unique and full of ups and downs.

So, what to do?

Cultivate gratitude: Focus on the positive qualities, achievements, and blessings in your life.

Recognize the lies: Remember that social media and other portrayals of people's lives are often misleading and don't account for their struggles, disappointments, or countless efforts behind the scenes.

Celebrate your uniqueness: Embrace your individuality and recognize the value of your own path, rather than trying to emulate someone else's.

Limit exposure to triggers: Remove or limit your exposure to situations and platforms that provoke feelings of comparison, such as social media, magazines, or TV shows glorifying certain lifestyles.

Set realistic goals: Focus on setting attainable, personally-meaningful objectives rather than pursuing an unattainable image of 'perfection' or someone else's definition of success.


We can either feel miserable by comparing ourselves with people that have better things than us or feel grateful by comparing ourselves with people that are worse off than us.

Or better still, we can be content with what we have got and try to stop comparing ourselves with anyone.

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