What Does Greatness Even Mean and What I Think

Greatness boils down to how hungry and thirsty you are for it. How 'mad' or single-mindedly dedicated you are to your passion, craft, and love for what you do.

But some people are not necessarily seeking greatness directly with their craft. They are just madly, hopelessly in love with it. That's why even after achieving greatness, they pursue their craft just for love's sake and the intrinsic joy it brings.

The Pursuit of Greatness

To truly understand the pursuit of greatness, it's important to first realize that:

Greatness isn't a destination, but a continuous journey. It stems from a deep-rooted love and passion for one's craft.

The desire to improve and evolve constantly propels a person toward greatness

Characteristics of a 'Madly In Love' Craftsman

A person who is madly in love with their craft will likely exhibit some or all of these traits:

  1. They work tirelessly on their craft, often without an immediate reward or recognition

  2. They constantly seek out new information and ways to improve their skills

  3. They embrace challenges and failures, using them as opportunities to grow and learn

  4. Their obsession with their craft may sometimes be viewed as irrational or excessive

  5. They derive immense satisfaction and happiness simply from the act of creating, regardless of the outcome

  6. Their passion and love for their craft are evident in their attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Skills can be acquired, perseverance will also come, and luck will start favoring too. You just need laser-focus hunger or thirst for it.

So let's explore the journey to greatness in depth:

The Ingredients of Greatness

  1. Passion: The driving force behind your pursuit of greatness. It's the love you have for your craft that fuels your determination and drive.

  2. Dedication: Commit yourself wholeheartedly to your craft, tirelessly working towards the mastery of your skills and talents.

  3. Perseverance: Embrace the challenges and setbacks you encounter, using them as opportunities for growth and learning.

  4. Discipline: Create and maintain routines, habits, and practices that enable you to consistently work towards your goals.

  5. Adaptability: Be open and willing to make changes and adjustments in your approach, as needed.

  6. Resilience: Develop the mental and emotional strength to bounce back from failures and disappointments, continuing your pursuit of greatness despite obstacles.

  7. Talent: While natural ability can be a significant asset, it's essential to recognize that hard work, dedication, and improvement are necessary to truly harness your potential.

  8. Continuous Learning: Stay committed to expanding your knowledge and skills, both within your craft and in related areas. This will keep your mind sharp and prepare you for new challenges.

Does greatness come from within or is it born out of external influences something that we can cultivate, flourish, and nourish it?

My intuition says that it comes from the inside primarily but we can do some things to make it stronger.

While no formula guarantees success, a combination of factors propels individuals on their journey to achieving their own version of greatness.

Nature vs. Nurture in Greatness

  1. Genetic Factors: In some cases, people inherit remarkable talents or traits that give them an advantage in certain areas. However, it's crucial not to rely solely on natural gifts, as continuous growth and development are necessary to reach your full potential.

  2. Environmental Factors: The environment in which you were raised or currently live in can have a significant impact on your work and pursuit of greatness. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive, and ambitious people can help cultivate a mindset geared toward success.

  3. The Interplay of Nature and Nurture: It's important to recognize that both genetic and environmental factors contribute to an individual's pursuit of greatness. Balancing innate talents and abilities with hard work, determination, and a supportive environment can maximize the potential for success.

Ultimately, the pursuit of greatness comes down to the convergence of various elements – passion, dedication, perseverance, resilience, talent, and continuous learning.

Embracing and nurturing these factors can set anyone on the path to achieving their own version of greatness and personal fulfillment.

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