Why Knowing Thy Mind is Incredibly Important

The very fact that people drink alcohol, take drugs, play a sport, do adventure sports, play a musical instrument, sing, dance, paint, write, or meditate is because they want to experience something beyond the mind by either stopping the mind or transcending it for a while or by being present in the present moment.

If you want to transcend the mind you should have a basic understanding and awareness of all the biases and illusions it harbors. That’s why knowing how our minds work is of utmost importance.

The Pain and Pleasure Principle

One of the major factors that influence how our minds work is the pain and pleasure principle. We are naturally inclined to avoid pain and seek pleasure. This can often lead us to indulge in activities that bring us temporary happiness but may not necessarily be beneficial in the long run.

Influence of External Factors

Another aspect to consider is the influence of external factors, such as societal norms and expectations, on our thought processes. Our upbringing, family, friends, and media exposure all play a vital role in shaping our behaviors and actions.

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